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Meet the Press

Interview with Mike Campbell from MuchEast

Mike Campbell: They've remixed, remastered and rereleased the album and are just back from a 5 week tour of Canada to promote the same. And being an Eastern band their tour of Canada means you start on the West coast and go all the way to Newfoundland. None of this stopping in Montreal and calling it a cross Canada tour thing. Anyway the band was playing at Dalhousie University and we got the chance to talk to Larry Foley about how the tour went.

Larry Foley: We just re-released the album. We basically toured the album as an independent band for the first almost a year it was out I guess. Or actually it was a year. We signed with Loggerhead this summer past so now we're touring the album again. The fine folks at Loggerhead were good enough to remix, remaster, release the album and it's distrbuted now on Polygram. We're in sunny Halifax today, ah the sun is beautiful today, after a 5 week stint across the country, coast to coast.

It was timely for us. 3 years as an independent band you know. Just for your own mind if nothing else. You feel a little more established. You feel a little more like you've achieved something after 3 years of work. And the work just gets bigger and harder but it's nice to have signed for sure.

Mike: It's gotta help to have more people on the team.

Larry: Yeah. Absolutely. And that's someting that we're really happy about with Loggerhead. They're an independent label but very dedicated staff and they're very, very good people. So we're very happy to be with them.

This has been our longest stint across the country. Most of our touring in the last couple of years has been between Ontario and Newfoundland and back and forth and back and forth. It was our first all out stint across the praries. It was good. We had a great time. We were really surprised people were singing our songs in places that we'd never been before. So that's always nice.

The next thing now is lookig forward to the new record. We've already demoed about 22 songs or something. We did that in October. Actually 2 days of non-stop recording. It was really good. Now getting into gear with figuring out what we're going to do and who we're going to do it with and sutff like that. Look for a new album in the spring.

Mike: In the spring?

Larry: That's what we're saying now. If nothing else it'll be a little heavier maybe. We've got Patrick playing more guitar these days. He seems to be excited about that. He figures he's been playing fiddle since he was 7.

Mike: Well you can make more noise.

Larry: Yeah, you can. Undoubtedly. So that's kind of fun too. It's nice when someone in the band discovers a new instrument. It gives everybody a little bit of a charge. That's one of the funnest things on the go. And he's playing at little bit more mandolin and stuff too so if anything the sound is probably...I don't know...less from the last century, more from this century.

Mike: I except you'll have a very Merry Christmas.

Larry: And likewise.

Mike: And we'll see you when you're back at it again.

Larry: Cheers!


New CD Ready
Fisherman's Blues, the 4th CD from The Punters, is now available. On this CD the band celebrates their traditional roots and we finally hear a song from Pat.


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