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The Punters kick out a new Celtic album
By John Maida
Just Music

Celtic rock band The Punters are well on their way to becoming a household name for Celtic rock purists across Canada.

The Punters, who are currently on an eight-week tour across Canada have already played in Halifax and in Toronto, and are kicking off the release of their new album will you wait.

The Newfoundland four-piece's third CD release explores a diverse selection of rhythm and melodies. They have divided their organic sound to modern Celtic rock instead of the old traditional style many bands tend to go with.

The Punters line-up includes Larry Foley on lead vocals and guitars, Patrick Moran on lead guitars and fiddle, Chris Batstone on bass guitar, and Rich Spurrell on drums.

Signed with indie record label Loggerhead Records, The Punters continue to write music and make more albums.

"We want this record to go as far as it can go, and to continue to keep making albums," say Foley over the phone from Halifax, NS. "We want to become a household name throughout Canada."

Asked about life on the road and touring across Canada for a long period of time, Foley describes it as a fulfilling learning experience.

"It's great going to so many cities and towns playing in front of so many people in so many different venues," explains Foley. "We meet so many new people and we even run into people we know from back home in Newfoundland. As for back home in Newfoundland, everyone has had high regard for us and their support has been phenomenal. I guess you can say we've been holding it steady."

Will you wait consists of 12 smooth and unique tracks. It's a collection of songs that Foley describes as completely different because of the honesty and originality that was put in to it.

"When we were making this album, we wanted to be original and to be as honest as can be. We didn't want to be just another Celtic band with traditional material, but we wanted to set ourselves aside from that and find ourselves in our own music," confirms Foley. "We wanted to spread our wings in our writing and performing."

The Punters, which is a term used in Ireland meaning pedestrians, once performed a live web cast for Microsoft in 1997. Reflects Foley of the event, "That performance gave us a nice boost, even though it may sound passe now because everyone does them. We received so many compliments and people in the U.S. even enjoyed our music. It was nice to be involved in that kind of media."

New CD Ready
Fisherman's Blues, the 4th CD from The Punters, is now available. On this CD the band celebrates their traditional roots and we finally hear a song from Pat.


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