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The Punters - Queen's Wharf - Halifax, NS - 08.02.99

So it's the day after the Halifax Great Big Picnic. We're all tired, it's hot out and we're due back in Saint John (4 hours away) by dark...but...I really want to catch at least some of the Punters set down on Queen's Wharf since I haven't seen them since February. After brunch at Smitty's a few of us head down to the wharf. When we get there they're in the middle of Prohibition Way. There were no seats left in the bleachers or at the picnic tables right up front so I grabbed a spot of pavement and sat back to enjoy.

I'm guessing that we missed about the first half hour (dag-nabbit!). But I did get to hear:
• Prohibition Way
• Golden Green
• P Stands for Paddy
• Rise with the Sun - new video for this one being shot in a few weeks.
• Candlight and Wine
• Reena - a special request from someone in the audience.
• Instrumental ending (long)
It was rather short but I guess it serves as a good teaser for the Punter overload I'm going to experience next week. 5 times in 2 days! I mentioned to Larry that he'd probably get sick of seeing me by next week's end. He had no idea they were playing so much.

Maybe it's just that I haven't heard them live in months or maybe the new guys did add a new twist on the sound but they almost seemed to have more of a rock edge to them. Also I have to mention that Pat looked just like my cousin Dwight. He's grown out his hair a bit (so has Larry) and was wearing glasses. That's the first time I've seen him in glasses actually.

After the show I wandered around to the back of the tent to say hi and see if Larry might remember me from February. Before I could say two words I was greeted with "Hey there missus. {{hug}} How're things in Saint John?" He obviously remembered. Before I left he even asked me to say hi to my parents for him (who he also met in February). Since my friends that I was driving home were about to crash on me I couldn't stay and chat. I told Larry that I would see them next week in Saint John at Festival by the Sea and headed home.

Melissa :o)

Quotable Quotes

*to a girl on the side*
Larry: "Oh, don't take my picture. I'm not lookin' good for anything." *to the crowd* "I can't believe she didn't take it either." *chuckle*
*back to girl*
Larry: "Let me borrow your hat, then you can take it. Actually get a picture of Pat. He's lookin' good."
*Pat poses with a huge grin on his face*

Larry: "Oh my God, the heat. Someone turn on the air conditioning. ... What? You don't have outdoor air conditioning here? We've got it back rolls in everyday around noon."

Me: "So you're playing 5 times in 2 days..."
Larry: "Are we really?? Are we playing any of the bars?!"

Sorry for the shortened version this time. I was only there for half the set and there wasn't a whole lot said.

New CD Ready
Fisherman's Blues, the 4th CD from The Punters, is now available. On this CD the band celebrates their traditional roots and we finally hear a song from Pat.


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