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Meet the Press

Loyalist Plaza - Saint John, NB - 08.09.00 (noon)

It was another weird weather day in Saint John. The Punters started a bit late under a grey sky. Rain clouds were looming but none the less people came out to see them play. For a full hour they jammed out the full throttle stage show that they've become known for.

Even though they had a pretty major member change only 3 months ago - Bob was relieved by Adam Staple and bassist Chris Batstone took over for Brian – they have a tight sound. Perhaps it's the fact that Chris and Adam have played together for quite awhile in various other groups before The Punters that gives them this edge. The songs have a fuller vocal sound now too with all four members really singing, which is a first for the group. The backup vocals never seemed that loud or full to me before.

The crowd at the lunch time show was a little less than enthusiastic at first but surprisingly after the first little rain shower spirits seemed to lift, with the audience becoming a bit more vocal with each song. A cheer came up from the crowd when the clouds parted and the sun shone down. Larry stopped his playing for the briefest of seconds and threw his arms up in the air triumphantly. But it didn't last for long before the clouds and intermittent showers were back. But even though it proved a bit detrimental to a few instruments, The Punters played on. The show ended a bit abruptly. I guess the band didn't realise how little time they had left. They wre about to start in on another song when Pat leaned over to Larry and said something to him. Larry then announced "Oh. Well, I guess that's it. Thanks for coming!"

After the show I went up to the stage to say Hi and get Pat and Larry to sign my blue CD. Larry was doing a TV interview so I talked to Pat first. He was rather impressed that I had their debut CD. He pointed out to me who was who on the back ("There's me … looking a little chubby actually.") and the order in which they left. Chris and Adam ended up signing the CD too, though I thought it a bit odd since they weren't even on it. Oh well. Then I got Larry to sign it. He was so impressed that I had it, that he called over the TV guy. "Get a shot of this. They don't even make these any more but she managed to find a copy." Thank God that didn't make TV. ;o)

I was a little disappointed that they don't do more of their older stuff anymore. The only songs I heard them do from said she couldn't dance… were Polka! Polka! Polka!, Electric Jigs, Prohibition Way and Heave Away. Maybe they still do more older ones at the bar shows but I haven't seen one of those since February.

Said my good-byes to the band and headed back to work with Come Dancing firmly stuck in my head.

Melissa :o)

Set List
Polka! Polka! Polka!
P is for Paddy
Rise With the Sun
Prohibition Way
Come Dancing
Heave Away
She's Never Been There Before
Electric Jigs

Quotable Quotes

Larry: "You can buy CDs at the back from the man in the little blue house. That's where he lives. Our resident sound troll, John Rowe!"
*the sound table was in a little blue shelter*

Larry: "You feel like singing?" *silence* "Yeah, me either. It's early."
… a little while later…
Larry: "I just figured out why you're all so quiet. No one's drinking yet! It'll be quite a different story 12:00 tonight."

Not quite a quote but…
Larry tried to change the words of Heave Away to fit Saint John. Now "Saint John town" is not that big of a leap from "St. John's town" but for some reason Larry tripped all over himself trying to get it out. He gave up the next time round and reverted back to "St. John's town".

New CD Ready
Fisherman's Blues, the 4th CD from The Punters, is now available. On this CD the band celebrates their traditional roots and we finally hear a song from Pat.


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