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Meet the Press

The Boardwalk - Saint John, NB - 08.09.00 (evening)

Ok, so when I see a band I like I tend to try and get to all their shows in the area. Well I really like The Punters. Seeing them at the Boardwalk at 7:00pm tonight was the 2nd show of theirs that I'd seen today. When my mother and I (she really loves them too) got there the guys were just setting up their gear. Larry was on the edge of the stage and when I walked by he paused, smiled and said Hello (he does have a good memory for faces).

When some people vacated a bench near the front I quickly grabbed it and settled in with my camera. While their set list varied little, their energy level seemed to so be up a notch from lunch. Though grouped together on a smaller stage the guys still managed to move around a bit. They were worried about the weather though. Just before the show they all were looking up at the sky every few minutes checking the clouds.

Unlike at lunch time, the weather held out for the performance; however, they had to start a little late due to some technical difficulties brought on by the earlier rain. Some of the equipment, after becoming wet, began shorting out, forcing Larry to share guitar time with Pat. Since the pair only had one guitar between them at this show they were unable to perform a few songs, such as Reena or anything else that needed two guitars.

After listening to this show I must admit that I like the new line-up. For the first time all four of The Punters can really sing. Chris and Adam's vocals really add something to the overall sound. And there is more onstage banter with Adam and Chris usually taking good-natured shots at Larry. Their sound has evolved some in the last few months too, leaning more towards pop/rock than the more traditional sound they had on said she couldn't dance… One example of The Punters' unique hybrid of Celtic and rock is a tune called Flatrockin'. The rock guitar intro made me cringe but the tune soon melted into a set of revved up fiddle tunes which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Again, there wasn't much from said she couldn't dance… except for P3!, Electric Jigs, Heave Away and Prohibition Way. Anyone know if they still play Go To It? One Last Lover? Maybe only at pub shows…

After the show I went and got a picture of me with the whole band. Chatted with Larry for a bit. Found out the line-up for Punters & Friends in the Park. I'm just going to miss it. :o\ It sounds like it'll be a good show too. Found out about some miscommunication that had me thinking they were playing at Tapps the next night when in fact they were scheduled to play at a new bar, Barnacles, instead. Got that situation all cleared up said our good byes and headed over to listen to a bit of Barachois, who was the main stage act that night.

One last note, a little birdie told me that you should watch for a new CD from The Punters to be in stores sometime in November with the first video – Rise With the Sun – to be shot in the next few weeks.

Melissa :o)

Set List (in no order)
Polka! Polka! Polka!
Rise With the Sun
P is for Paddy
Candlelight and Wine
Prohibition Way
Heave Away
She'd Never Been There Before
Electric Jigs

Quotable Quotes

Someone: "Hey look at the giant bear."
*the Shopper's Drug Mart Life bear was around*
Larry: "Whoa! Acid flashback." *chuckle*
Pat: "Running bear bigger than white dove." (or something like that)

Pat: "My hands are cold. I can't play. My fingers are cold. Look, I can't move them."
Chris: "You need like a warm towel on them or something."
Pat: "…or something…" *with a smirk *
Larry: "Hey now. This is a family show."

New CD Ready
Fisherman's Blues, the 4th CD from The Punters, is now available. On this CD the band celebrates their traditional roots and we finally hear a song from Pat.


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